About Gabambo

Corporate information

HP Merchantainment Pvt Ltd  is promoted by the Dora Group.

The Dora Group was established in 1962 with the birth of Dora Undergarments, which went on to become one of the largest innerwear brands of India. Later, in 1985 the group established H.P. Cotton Textile Mills Ltd, a company listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange, one of the largest exporters of cotton specialty yarns, employing 1500 people.
The Dora Group is known to have a wide penetration throughout the length & breadth of the country. They were the pioneers of invention and are credited with introducing various innovative products to the market.

Taking a leaf out of the Dora Group legacy, HP Merchantainment Pvt Ltd has been formed with a vision of being the pioneers in the merchandising industry in India. The company is a heartfelt culmination of the love for movies combined and a passion for entrepreneurship. The progeny of this unusual union is - GABAMBOTM, a complete Entertainment Merchandising Brand which aims to cater to a wide variety of genres including movies, music, sports, culture, anime etc. However, to begin with, GABAMBOTM is currently focusing on Indian Cinema a.k.a. Bollywood, to develop its merchandising range in a wide variety of products like canvas art prints, apparel, toys and accessories.


Management Team

Director & CEO:  Raghavkumar Agarwal

Raghav completed his graduation in Bsc. (Hons) Management Sciences, from Warwick Business School, University of Warwick, England. After graduation, he worked in a leading textile company in the U.K as a Project Manager, looking after the export markets and e-commerce operations of the oldest and leading terry towel and  home décor brands of the world. After returning to India, he underwent extensive industrial training at H.P. Cotton Textile Mills Ltd, Hisar and subsequently, started handling the company’s overseas and domestic marketing departments. He is now heading HP Merchantainment along with setting up a manufacturing unit for a group company, namely HP Infratech Pvt Ltd.

Creative Director: Madhav Agarwal

A graduate in Business Management from Bangalore University, Madhav was actively involved in various student-business partnerships while still at university. After graduating, he underwent industrial training at various group companies. Having passion for movies, graphic art and merchansiding, he is one of the founders and the brain behind the inception of HP Merchantainment Pvt Ltd. He is now heading the creative department at HP Merchantainment

Director Finance: Chaitanya Saraf

Chaitanya graduated from Delhi University with a B.A (Hons) in Economics and then went on to pursue MSc Economics and Finance from the Warwick Business School, U.K.  After completing his Master’s degree, Chaitanya worked in the U.K. as an Investment Analyst at a global consulting firm for 3 years.  He has now returned to India to promote HP Merchantainment Pvt Ltd.


Our Mission

We are driven by two factors, the satisfaction of our license owners and the pride our consumer will associate with the product. We endeavor to appeal to the end consumer while upholding the identity attached to the licensed material.

What sets us apart is our understanding of the desires and taste of the consumer. We believe in making our product relatable, which invokes the ‘I-Want-This’ quotient in them. Backed by our ingenious design and creative abilities, we have the confidence to deliver on this promise.   

Our Vision

We come into the market as a category creator since GABAMBOTM is a first of its kind project. We feel being pioneers in this field will only push us to set the bar as high as we possibly can. We intend to develop GABAMBOTM as India’s leading merchandising brand by constantly evolving our designs and partnerships that appeal to the youth of the country.

Core values

Our core values are what govern us. Our values are what guide our internal workings as well as all external relationships that we build along the way. These values shape our culture and can be seen in the workings of our team as well as implementation of our strategies.

  • Collaboration
    We are committed to working closely with our licensors and vendors through clear communication and integrity in our dealings. We aim to work as partners and not vendors, striving to work with utmost dedication in achieving our common goal of delivering high quality merchandise.
  • Quality
    We believe that a company is only as good as its product. This philosophy paves the way for our single minded objective of providing quality products.
  • Integrity
    For us, words like ethics and morals aren’t mere words, they are beacons that show us the way when conduct our business. We are committed to being honest in our dealings, and having a healthy and transparent relation with all our business partners. We are as accountable as we are responsible when it comes to our work.
  • Innovation
    Innovation is the corner of stone of success. And we follow it as a thumb rule. We endeavour to constantly evolve our designs and product range to cater to the ever changing trends in the merchandising market.
  • Value Creation
    We strive to create value for our licensors through successful implementation of merchandising strategies and wide distribution of products.